Make the Teen Years, The Best Years

A Different Kind of Therapy For a Stronger You

Others believe in “one size fits all” therapy. We believe therapy should be crafted and tailored to suit who you are. That’s the Mathews Counseeing difference. We work alongside you to understand where you want to be and collaboratively find ways to get you there. More than just talking about problems, we offer practical solutions to help get you moving.We all need help sometimes and therapy can be a useful tool. We believe therapy is the most helpful when your relationship with your therapist is strong. We offer a risk-free initial session to help determine which of our highly trained therapists is the best fit for you. If you are not 100% satisfied after the initial session, you pay nothing. We want to ensure the best fit for you even if it means helping you find one outside of our practice. Once we ensure a good fit, your therapist will then craft a tailored treatment plan, clearly laying out the path from where you are to where you want to be. Along the way, you will discover resources you need and learn the tools you need to keep going. Every session moves you a step closer to health and healing. Our hope is you leave each session feeling courageous and ready to take the next step.

Individual Therapy for Teens

Increase self confidence, decrease depression & anxiety, and deepen family bonds.

  • Are you having difficulty navigating the teenage years?
  • Is your teenager experience high levels of anxiety or depression?
  • Do you wonder if their adolescent emotional reactions are “normal”?
  • Are you struggling to understand an autism spectrum diagnosis?
  • Are you and your teen having difficulty connecting?
  • Does your teenager act out at school?
  • Does your teen struggle to get along with friends, family members or authority figures?
  • Are they struggling with the transition of your divorce or remarriage?

Rediscover hope for your teen. Learn how we can help you find solutions and strategies, rebuild relationships, and move forward together.

  • Therapy was terrifying at first. But not feeling judged was extremely helpful. Previous therapists felt rather remote and disconnected. Here, I got some input into practical steps I can take to change my perspective. That is critically important. I feel calmer. More at peace. I still struggle, but I can recognize that for what it is.

  • I guess around the third or fourth session when I actually started opening up about things I’ve never told anybody even previous therapists was when I realized that this counseling was working.  Also, my therapist regularly asks me questions that have shaken my worldview and cause me to leave re-thinking so much about myself and how I have worth.

  • I loved my experience at Mathews Counseling.

  • I was hesitant at first because there is such a stigma about mental health and going to a therapist. Once I began sessions with my therapist at Mathews Counseling, however, that feeling quickly went away.

  • It feels great to have someone to listen, to hash things out with and to give feedback or be a sounding board on where I was and where I was headed. I'm as whole and authentic as I've ever been in life.

  • You guys are awesome. I shopped around for therapy for some time and I am SO GLAD I ended up with y'all even though you aren't the closest. Your practice is great. Please keep the free coffee. I will leave if you do not have free coffee.

  • I spent the majority of my life living with severe depression and anxiety. I have a history of abuse and that has always made me feel shame and guilt and a lot of sadness. Over the course of the many months and meetings, it got easier to talk about those topics and I felt like a lot of the progress has been to let go of much of that.

  • The ability to be vulnerable with another person was huge, and unpacking years worth of junk in my life was beyond tough some days. But I’m slowly beginning to see the changes, or rather transformation, in my outlook on life. Which was rather bleak before.

  • A difference that I felt was my child has a phenomenal therapist that looks like them with no judgment as I share our experiences and look for assistance and strategies of coping.

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Personalized goals and uniquely designed strategies help get your teen moving in the right direction.


The teenage years are laying the groundwork.

We help turn that groundwork into a safe and secure foundation for adulthood.

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