Micah Wyatt

During times of difficulty in your marriage, you can begin to feel alone or misunderstood. When you and your spouse have tried everything and cannot seem to work things out on your own, it starts to affect every area of life, and hopelessness, anger, and frustration can start to set in.  And before you know it, days . . . months . . . years have passed, and your marriage is in the same place.

But your marriage matters too much to stay in that place. 

You can rebuild trust and intimacy with your spouse and build a foundation that helps ensure the success of your marriage. 

Hello! My name is Micah Wyatt, a Marriage and Family Therapy intern here at Mathews Counseling. I am passionate about helping couples find practical ways to truly love and enjoy their marriage.

Therapy is a collaborative process between me and you. My goal is to help you reach your goals for therapy and assist you in this process and ensure that you and your spouse are experiencing marriage in the best way possible. 

Differences in relationships are commonplace as we are all unique individuals. We each experience the world differently, and thus, our therapeutic experience should be based on the specific needs of each individual, family, or couple. 

My goal is to provide every individual, couple, and family with the tools necessary to progress their lives in the way they see fit. 

As you and your partner utilize the tools provided, you’ll begin to feel closer and more connected with each other. Increased passion between the two of you and learn new ways to enjoy your marriage. 

My Bachelor’s degree is in Psychology from North Carolina A&T State University. I received my first Master’s degree in Mental and Behavioral Health and am currently completing my second Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University. 

I am a husband and a father of two beautiful girls. I enjoy music, bass fishing, traveling, and spending time with my family.

Mental health has been a part of my life since a child as my interest in what impacts people’s lives and the behaviors, decisions, thoughts, and other nuances that impact their day-to-day life; specifically, I found relational health to be just as important to a full and meaningful life.

The success of your marriage is my passion and I want to work with you so you can experience the relationship you always wanted. 

If I sound like I could be a good fit for you, call Mathews Counseling at 919-587-8018 or book an appointment online at mathewscounseling.net and let’s get started.

I look forward to meeting you. 

Micah is currently scheduling new clients and has availability Monday through Friday with evening appointments available. He also has weekend availability on Sundays. He is scheduling online appointments at this time.

What our clients are saying about Mathews Counseling therapists

“Therapy was tough, but in a good way. It challenged both my husband and me to think about how each of us interacts in the marriage.”

“After seeing several counselors elsewhere, this was the first time I felt genuinely heard and understood.”

“My husband was worried about the therapist “taking sides”, which doesn’t happen.  It’s a collaborative conversation and we are delving into other issues that were not readily on the surface.”

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