Marcelina Grynechko

Have you ever felt ‘stuck’ and helpless? Have you experienced trouble connecting with others and yourself? Or maybe, you have been feeling unwanted and unlovable? I believe that we all reflect the cumulative impact of our past experiences and the experiences of generations before us. The ways we approach challenges and relate to others and ourselves are inherently shaped by dynamics we experience within the society and families of origin we come from. Difficult experiences and traumas are a fact of life. It is the way we react to them that determines the quality of life we live.

Hi! I’m Marcelina Grynechko and I’m a therapist here at Mathews Counseling.

I believe that humans are bonding creatures that are wired to stay close to those whom they depend on. We all want to feel safe, wanted, lovable and appreciated. Our brains and bodies evolved to protect us from danger. Feeling isolated and unsafe prevents us from living our fullest potential. When we feel pain or our needs are not met, we develop multiple coping strategies which can either become adaptive or maladaptive.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I utilize a holistic mind-body approach and draw from therapy approaches like Emotionally Focused Therapy and Somatic Experiencing that focus on creating emotional safety, heal traumas and expand potential for personal growth. I want to create a ‘safe haven’ for you and accompany you on your journey to tame and transform the shadows from your past.

I work with individuals and couples who experienced symptoms of low self-worth, trauma, depression, anxiety and relationship problems. I also work with parents who feel disconnected from their children and would like to break maladaptive intergenerational patterns. Lastly, I enjoy working with clients who desire to learn how to take care of themselves and clients who want to be more proactive about lessening the impact of traumatic experiences.

I received a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Tulsa and I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Couple and Family Therapy from Kansas State University. In my free time I enjoy sports, spending time with friends and family, traveling, and trying all kinds of food.

Currently, I offer morning, afternoon, and evening sessions from Monday to Friday. If you feel that I fit your needs and I could help you overcome challenges that bring you to therapy give a call Mathews Counseling today at (919) 587-8018 or request an appointment online.

I look forward to working with you!

Marcelina currently has availability for new clients with evening appointments available, but please be aware that due to the popularity of our therapists appointment times fill up quickly. Please call (919) 587-8018 to inquire about Marcelina’s most current availability or request an appointment online and our Care Coordinator will get back to you asap.

What our clients are saying about Marcelina Grynechko

“Marci is an EXTRAORDINARY therapist. Her attentiveness, warmth, skillfulness have supported us in ways that have strengthened our family connection in deep and lasting ways.”

It can be so intimidating and overwhelming finding a new therapist who you connect with. I felt an immediate connection with Marci and she has been so, so wonderful ever since.” 

“I could write an essay on how wonderful Marci is after only five sessions!!!!! She immediately makes me feel comfortable and safe sharing my feelings. She helps me understand my own feelings and thoughts. I feel so lucky to be working with Marci. She radiates care and intuition and has already had such a positive effect on my life.” 

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