Kristle M. Brown

We all have plans for our life. We have hopes and dreams and expectations for how our future will turn out. Rarely, though, does life go the way that we planned it. Most of the times, difficulties and challenges get in the way. I wanted to be a world-renowned midwife when I was a kid. Today I am building towards a professional career in counseling. Each step in the journey causes me to reflect on life as it has happened while I was off making my own plans. Our life can be scripted, mapped out, outlined, and well developed and turn out vastly different from the original blueprints.

Hello! My name is Kristle Brown, a Marriage and Family Therapy intern here at Mathews Counseling.

  • It felt like we were paired up with the perfect therapist, we were listened to, Kristle could relate to us and remain unbiased.

  • I asked for someone who could relate to us and Kristle is exactly that. BUT most importantly, she showed she genuinely cares & she listens, she remembers, & she goes the extra mile to make sure we leave the sessions whole.

  • It felt natural to speak to Kristle about our issues. I look forward to speaking with her every week. She gives feedback and doesn’t give your typical counselor responses, such as “and how did that make you feel?” etc.

  • Therapy was very new for me. But Kristle made the process easy, comfortable, and allowed me to get to the root of the issues.

  • I appreciated seeing someone who looked like me! I searched high and low for a woman of color and found the process to be draining. Kristle listens to me, offers strategies for coping and challenges me to dig deeper.

When we face difficulties and challenges, we need a safe place to go to feel appreciated and valued. All of us need help at times, and therapy helps provide a place to work through those unexpected changes to the plan.

My goal is to appreciate your perspective, as the architect of your life. I want to honor the personal and confidential stories individuals and couples share with me in the therapy room. We all come from different places in life and I want to listen well to what makes you unique and to help you find the space and the strength to reclaim those plans for your life in a fresh and new way.

I work with individuals who are experiencing anxiety and depression as well as couples who are working through a wide range of marital difficulties.

I am passionate about serving others. For over 13 years I have assisted many community members of NC as they went about redesigning, remapping, and revamping their personal plans to improve upon various aspects of their life. An advocate for children and adolescents with special needs, a researcher of community resources for adults working to increase their independent living skills, and now a student in professional training, I recognize how important feeling safe and supported during unforeseen change is.

If I sound like I could be a good fit for you, I’d love to work with you. We offer a 100% risk-free initial appointment so the first step into therapy is the easiest. Call Mathews Counseling today at 919-587-8018 or book an appointment with me online at and let’s get started.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.

Kristle is an MFT intern currently in graduate school and under the direct supervision of Dr. Adam Mathews. Kristle primarily offers low-cost therapy options as well as weekend appointment times. Please call our office to see if you qualify to see Kristle.