Kiara Bryant

You know the saying “life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get”? I find that saying to be true. That one piece of chocolate could be the break-up you never saw coming or the unexpected death of a loved one. It might be a job loss or a significant financial hit.

We are often faced with traumatic events that can have a lasting effect on our relationships with others. I’ve found that it can be tough to manage as our life does not stop. When life keeps going, I am your therapist to help you work through those experiences.

Hi, I’m Kiara Bryant and I’m a therapist intern here at Mathews Counseling.

I find it very rewarding to work with couples. A loving connection with someone is one of the many beautiful experiences we get in this life but sometimes challenges can create bridges between one another. Those challenges could be ineffective communication, trust issues, parenting conflicts, boundary issues or it could be a combination of issues that have snowballed over time. There are a vast number of things that could cause distance in a relationship. I am here to help couples find each other again.

I enjoy working with young adults who have just entered the “real world.” As you navigate what it means to take on responsibilities while developing a new identity, depression, and anxiety can try to steal your happiness. I recognize that it may get harder to sort through the overwhelming thoughts that race through your mind at night. In therapy, I am here to help you unpack any unhelpful thoughts and challenges that are affecting you and provide you with helpful tools to address them and move forward.

I also love working with teens. I see teenagers as explorers who need a safe space to work through what it means to exist within their homes, schools, relationships, and overall identity. My goal is to assist teens in talking through the emotions that come up as they learn how to navigate developing social skills for everyday life.

I was born and raised in North Carolina. I received my BS from North Carolina Central University in Public Health. My experience working in various settings with youth addressing behavioral issues, including substance abuse, led me to earn my Masters’ degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I also enjoy yoga, reading, writing, and music in my free time.

I believe the therapy journey is prompted by the curiosity of knowing all the ins and outs of yourself. If I sound like a good fit for you, let’s navigate your journey together!

I look forward to meeting you.

Call Mathews Counseling today at (919) 587-8018 or book an appointment with me online at and let’s get started.

Kiara currently has availability for new clients Monday through Friday mornings and afternoons, but please be aware that due to the popularity of our therapists appointment times fill up quickly. Please call (919) 587-8018 to inquire about Maddie’s most current availability or request an appointment online and our Care Coordinator will get back to you asap.

Kiara is a practicum intern under the supervision of Dr. Adam Mathews, Phd, LMFT and Erin Coleman, LMFT.

What our clients are saying about Mathews Counseling therapists

“Therapy was tough, but in a good way. It challenged both my husband and me to think about how each of us interacts in the marriage.”

“After seeing several counselors elsewhere, this was the first time I felt genuinely heard and understood.”

“My husband was worried about the therapist “taking sides”, which doesn’t happen.  It’s a collaborative conversation and we are delving into other issues that were not readily on the surface.”

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