Heather Jaynes

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “will I ever feel like myself again?” What about the moments when you question if this relationship is even worth it? Sometimes, if we’re honest, the betrayal feels too big to repair. Even in these difficult moments, it is important to remember great relationships take work. I want to provide an engaging and supportive space for clients to ask these hard questions and process the vulnerable feelings that come with them in a healthy way.

Hi! I’m Heather Jaynes, a therapist here at Mathews Counseling.

I’ve found that it is difficult to find a secure footing in relationships without first knowing yourself. This idea shapes the work that I do with individuals and couples. I work alongside my clients to clarify their values, find their worth, and utilize their strengths to become the most authentic version of themselves while also experiencing healthy connections with others.

I work with individuals wanting to work through anxiety, depression, grief, and relational concerns. My passion is helping adults develop skills to regulate their emotions and show up as their authentic selves in their relationships. I love assisting clients in recognizing their potential and value while establishing healthy boundaries.

I see couples who are in a frustrating place in their relationship, longing for better connection and communication with their partner. I also work with couples as they move through the feelings that accompany betrayal and as they work to redefine their relationship and establish trust and intimacy. With those journeying through parenthood, I work with my clients to develop healthy mindsets, decision-making skills, and routines to ensure they are becoming the parents they wish to be. My desire is to accompany my clients on the journey from where they are to where they hope to be, taking advantage of opportunities for growth and connection along the way.

All life stages have their own set of challenges that develop the individual over time. Whether you are doing a deep dive into your self-identity, figuring out the details of co-parenting, or working through a tough season in your relationship, I’m here to listen and help you find answers to your questions. My role is to support you in achieving your goals and living out your purpose while also challenging you along the way when you fail to recognize your potential. My approach is strengths-based, emphasizing attachment styles and intimacy within the safety of the relationship.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Counseling Foundations from Baypath University and a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University. In my personal time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two daughters, who have all had a tremendous impact on who I am as an individual and therapist. I love to read, indulge in occasional retail therapy, and travel to new places. I also enjoy watching sports and just being with family and friends.

If you are ready to become the most authentic version of yourself and improve the relationships around you, I am prepared to join you!

If you are ready to begin and I seem like a good fit, take the first step in your journey by scheduling an appointment with me at mathewscounseling.net or calling the office at 919-587-8018.

I am excited and honored to witness your process and celebrate your progress and growth along the way!

Heather currently has availability for new clients Tuesday through Thursday with some evening appointments available, but please be aware that due to the popularity of our therapists appointment times fill up quickly. Please call (919) 587-8018 to inquire about Heather’s most current availability or request an appointment online and our Care Coordinator will get back to you asap.

What our clients are saying about Mathews Counseling therapists

“Therapy was tough, but in a good way. It challenged both my husband and me to think about how each of us interacts in the marriage.”

“After seeing several counselors elsewhere, this was the first time I felt genuinely heard and understood.”

“My husband was worried about the therapist “taking sides”, which doesn’t happen.  It’s a collaborative conversation and we are delving into other issues that were not readily on the surface.”

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