Hannah DeMello

Change can be hard and vulnerability can be scary, but as a therapist I strive to help you embrace change and find healthy forms of expression to thrive in life. There are many challenges that we face at all stages of our lives and it is my goal as a therapist to help you, your child, or your family to build resiliency, confidence, and connections to overcome these challenges. Through collaborative skill building, self-discovery, and altering ineffective thought patterns we will work together to help you achieve confidence and fulfillment. The skills and strategies we develop in our sessions will help empower you to cope with the struggles that have been holding you back from your best life.

We all have early life experiences that have shaped us into the people we are now. I believe it is important to acknowledge and understand the experiences that continue to impact the way you connect with others, handle change, and cope with stress. The relationship we build together will be a partnership based on mutual respect and trust in a safe and understanding environment where you are free to explore your emotions. Working from a strengths perspective, I will always strive to empower you towards meeting your goals by discovering your own power. 

Hi! My name is Hannah DeMello and I’m Licensed Clinical Social Work Associate Therapist at Mathews Counseling. 

I work with children, teenagers, families and adult individuals of all genders and orientations. I utilize a variety of therapy techniques including psychoeducation, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and play therapy. I have a passion for working with adolescents struggling with academic concerns, grief, and anxiety issues, as well as adult individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and parenting struggles. It is also important to me to meet the needs of all family members for families experiencing life changes, conflict, and communication issues. 

Every person I work with is a unique individual, which means that together we will develop a unique approach to meeting the goals we set. You know your own life and your own mind, better than anyone, so I utilize a collaborative approach to assist you in achieving a fulfilling and productive life. I will give you skills and strategies that work for you and the goals you want to achieve. I truly believe in meeting you where you are and working at a pace where you feel comfortable, as we work together to meet your goals.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Work Associate. I earned both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work from North Carolina State University. Prior to joining Mathews Counseling, I completed my graduate internship at UNC REX Cancer Care, serving youth, families, and adult patients with supportive counseling services.

Outside of work, I enjoy painting, taking care of my many plants, and spending time with my husband and our mischievous cat. I also love doing activities with friends, like ice skating, skateboarding, board games, video games, and taking trips together. 

Hannah is currently scheduling new clients and has appointments available. Please call 919-587-8018 for her latest availability as appointment time fill up quickly. You can also request an appointment with Hannah online. Learn more about Hannah at mathewscounseling.net/therapists.

What our clients are saying about Hannah DeMello

“Hannah has been good about being able to pull my son back in gently when he’s trying to avoid a topic or conversation. She has been VERY good about building his self-esteem through positive approaches to issues.”

“Hannah has been very helpful in assisting me in viewing situations I find myself in new ways.”

“Hannah has a very warm and positive attitude. My son is comfortable with her.” 

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