Erin Coleman

I believe that everyone has a story to tell. Our story is shaped by a curiosity to explore and the ability to see ourselves as unique beings. I am always interested in the story my clients tell because I know I will never hear another one like it. Your story is your truth and I want you to be able to rest in and feel empowered to continue living to your full potential.

If any place should be safe for you to discover, explore, and enhance your authentic self, it should be in the therapy room. I believe in the power of the individual and the value found in life is infinite. It has become evident to me that we experience ourselves differently in every stage of life and that personal evolution over time is something worth exploring.

Hi! My name is Erin Coleman and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate.

I have a tremendous passion for working with teenagers who desire to explore their identity. I work to help teens find their voice and figure out ways to emphasize their ability to control how it’s used in the spaces they inhabit. I aim to highlight their place at home, school, their communities, and even within themselves as it pertains to their confidence and self-image. My goal is to encourage teens to use sound thinking, reasoning, and positive coping skills to develop the foundation for a healthy life. It’s my philosophy that healthy teens will grow into healthy adults and healthy adults will live a more fulfilling life.

I also love working with adult individuals wading through depression, anxiety, and life transitions. It’s important to acknowledge that things like starting a new job, beginning or ending a relationship, moving to a new city, etc. all create a level of change in life that you may be unfamiliar with. Change can be exciting, overwhelming, or sometimes a little in between. In therapy, you can expect a safe place to digest what you’re feeling on the inside and work towards gaining control of how that manifests on the outside. Through the use of imagery and metaphor, I focus on patterns of thinking and behavior that influence the change you desire to see.

I tend to draw on personal resources, like faith and spirituality, that help clients to stay grounded in their values and morals. I’ve found that using the internal systems clients already have helps achieve therapy goals and encourages clients to continue using it well after therapy is done.

A little bit about me – I’m a North Carolina native, born and raised. I have a B.A. in Psychology with double minors in Child & Family Development and Urban Youth & Communities from UNC Charlotte. I also have a M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pfeiffer University. My heart has always been to engage with and help others in the way I believe I was created to do. I am a huge people person and love hanging out with friends, shopping, going to the movies and traveling.

I believe life is worth exploring and would love to partner with you on this journey. I am available for morning, afternoon, and evening appointments Monday – Friday. We offer a 100% risk free initial appointment so the first step into therapy is the easiest. Call Mathews Counseling today at (919) 587-8018 or book an appointment with me online at and let’s get started.

I look forward to meeting you!

What our clients are saying about Erin

“I was hesitant at first because there is such a stigma about mental health and going to a therapist. Once I began sessions with my therapist at Mathews Counseling, however, that feeling quickly went away.”

“I spent the majority of my life living with severe depression and anxiety. I have a history of abuse and that has always made me feel shame and guilt and a lot of sadness. Over the course of the many months and meetings, it got easier to talk about those topics and I felt like a lot of the progress has been to let go of much of that.”

“Everything about therapy at Mathews Counseling has been different. The approach, openness, honesty. Not pushing solutions or prescribing anything has been very different from other places.”

Learn how we can help you rediscover hope and help you to find the strength to face your challenges.