Beckett West

Navigating the heavy currents of our thoughts can be challenging, but no one should ever feel trapped in their own mind. There is always hope! Hi, I’m Beckett West, a therapist at Mathews Counseling.

My mission is to guide you through life’s challenges and help reignite your spark. In my practice, I’ve witnessed the transformative power within everyone, and my role is to offer the necessary tools for clients to not only cope but to thrive. Picture me as your co-pilot; I’m here to assist, but you are in the driver’s seat. I firmly believe that everyone is an expert in their own life, and my passion is empowering individuals, especially teens and adults.

Specializing in areas such as gender dysphoria, depression, anxiety, and major life transitions, I find immense joy in aiding others in overcoming these hurdles. Together, we’ll embark on a personalized journey tailored to your unique needs and goals. Through our collaborative efforts, you’ll regain self-confidence and acquire the tools needed to rediscover the joy in life. Let’s work together to make a positive impact on your well-being.

With over 6 years of dedicated experience in the mental health field, and equipped with a Master’s in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University, my educational background forms a solid foundation for my work. My journey in the mental health arena has been diverse, encompassing invaluable internships where I have worked with middle and high school students, as well as adults of all different backgrounds. I have experience within a structured organizational setting, as well as providing individual and family therapy within a private practice. These experiences have shaped my belief in the transformative power within each person’s story. As we collaborate on your unique path to well-being and high quality of life, my approach is informed by both academic knowledge and real-world insights gained from hands-on practice. I’m committed to providing you with the tools and support needed to navigate life’s challenges and rediscover the joy in your journey.

Beyond my role as a therapist, I enjoy outdoor adventures with my dog, Toby, exploring hiking trails and Jordan Lake. In my downtime, I find relaxation in video games and enjoy thriller/mystery books. Recently, I’ve taken up kayaking.

If I seem like a good fit for you, give our office a call at 919-587-8018 or request an appointment with me online at

Let’s start your transformative journey together.

Beckett is currently scheduling new clients and has both in-person and telehealth appointments available. 

Please call 919-587-8018 for their latest availability, as appointment times fill up quickly. You can also request an appointment with Beckett online. 

What our clients are saying about Mathews Counseling therapists

“Therapy was tough, but in a good way. It challenged both my husband and me to think about how each of us interacts in the marriage.”

“After seeing several counselors elsewhere, this was the first time I felt genuinely heard and understood.”

“My husband was worried about the therapist “taking sides”, which doesn’t happen.  It’s a collaborative conversation and we are delving into other issues that were not readily on the surface.”

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