Ashlie Kingston

When you are finding it difficult to get through the day, it can be hard to know how to continue on. Maybe you are struggling to complete basic everyday tasks, and you become overwhelmed and hard on yourself as a result. Perhaps you even find yourself struggling in relationships with others and feel stuck with figuring out where to begin.

But you deserve to live a life you love; one where you feel capable and confident in yourself and your abilities.

Hi, my name is Ashlie Kingston. I am a therapist here at Mathews Counseling and I am passionate about helping individuals and families learn skills to utilize when they come across roadblocks in life.

I view these roadblocks we inevitably encounter as a starting point to understanding our unique strengths and shortcomings. I provide a safe, collaborative space for my clients, and utilize a strength based approach. I am passionate about meeting my clients where they are at, and will look to you as the expert of your own life. We will work together to develop a deeper understanding of issues causing distress, which involves establishing a relationship that is based on trust and honesty. During sessions, we will examine both the internal and external factors that keep us stuck and work towards insight and growth. 

I am passionate about helping individuals and families gain skills to utilize when they come across roadblocks in life. I specialize in working with individuals and families who may be struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, life transitions, and relational concerns.

As we continue to develop your talents or strengths, while learning skills to improve areas you may feel less strong in, you will begin to feel confident and capable. You will start to manage the daily challenges you face with greater ease and find you are able to move through those challenges rather than being stopped by them. Most of all, you will start to rediscover a joy for life that wasn’t there before. 

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate in the state of North Carolina. I received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in psychology as well as my Bachelor’s of social work from Loyola university chicago. I continued on to earn my Master’s degree in social work as well.

In my personal time, I enjoy spending time with my dog and my partner. I love to cook for my friends and family, and will never turn down a day at the farmers market.

I would like to support you in your therapy journey and support you in creating a life you love. If you are feeling you may want to try therapy, or continue therapy, reach out to our office to schedule your first appointment.

Call (919) 587-8018 or request an appointment online at

I look forward to working with you. 

Ashlie currently has availability for new clients with evening appointments available, but please be aware that due to the popularity of our therapists appointment times fill up quickly. Please call (919) 587-8018 to inquire about Ashlie’s most current availability or request an appointment online and our Care Coordinator will get back to you asap.

What our clients are saying about Ashlie Kingston

“She was very helpful in listening and understanding my unique personality, and making recommendations that assist me but also make sense to me.” 

Ashlie was validating and I felt like she really was listening. There was the feeling that she really cares.” 

Ashlie is very good at making me see my worth. She has been a definite positive when so much has been negative. I enjoy talking out things with her and have recommended her to many. I wasn’t sure what counseling would be like but Ashlie made me comfortable and I have immensely benefited from talking to her. I used to cry daily multiple times a day and now only on occasion.” 

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