Dr. Adam Mathews

Hi! I am Dr. Adam Mathews. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Mathews Counseling. I am also an American Association of Marriage and Family Therapist Clinical Fellow and Supervisor.

The relationship you have with your counselor is extremely important. And like any good relationship, should be built on mutual respect and trust. It’s a collaborative relationship, where we partner together to meet the goals you have.

I believe it is my job to come along side you in the journey you are on, to be supportive of the goals you have but also to challenge you at times when you need to be challenged, and encourage you as you take steps that you may have never attempted before. In session, we look at the problem from a bunch of different angles, we turn it over, look underneath it. Often times you may have become so close to the problem that it’s hard to see it clearly. I’m here to try to offer you an objective or different perspective than maybe you’ve been able to take up until this point. I also want you to leave each session with something practical to take home and try. Change only happens when we begin to actually do something different. So in session we talk about the issue, identify what you want and who you are striving to be, brainstorm some solutions, and you leave with some ideas on how to begin to get moving.

Dr. Mathews provides supervision for LMFTA to LMFT licensure in North Carolina and AAMFT Supervisor designation.

My approach to therapy starts with you and discovering who you are and the strengths and resources you have. I do not believe in one size fits all therapy so we strive to find where you are strong, even if you are having difficulty seeing it right now. I start with a foundation of what we know works and build a unique structure that works for you. I strive to make therapy as comfortable as possible as we clearly identify your goals and get creative in the strategies we use to achieve those goals.

I enjoy working with couples and individuals navigating the ups and downs of relationships, particularly couples who are trying to recover a love and passion for each other they had when they first got together. Maybe you are dealing with the aftermath of an affair or infidelity, or find you and your partner just cannot seem to stop fighting, and you both are finding it difficult to understand each other. I also enjoy working with couples who are dealing with stage of life issues like having children, parenting young children, or navigating that stage when your children leave the home.

I also find I’m a good fit for individuals who want to understand themselves better and who they want to be in the relationships they have. You might be dealing with depression or anxiety and this is keeping you from engaging in your relationships the way you desire to.

I believe together we can discover healing for the hurts in your lives so that you can experience the life and relationship you have always wanted.

On a more personal note, I enjoy spending time with my wife and three beautiful and wonderfully crazy children. We like to travel and spend time outside and seek adventure wherever we can find it. I like to run road races, for some unknown reason. Coffee is my spirit animal and it’s even better if I’m enjoying it with a friend or family member. In general, I want to enjoy life as much as I can and love what I get to do every day and the people I get to do it with.

I’d love to get the opportunity to meet you and work with you to build something great.

Currently, I offer morning, afternoon, and evening sessions Monday through Thursday. I also offer Multi-Session Packages and have Couple Intensives available. Give me a call at (919) 587-8018 or email to see if we are a good fit or check out mathewscounseling.net for more info, availability, or to book a session.

I look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Mathews is currently not taking on new clients. Please check out our other highly qualified therapists or call or email to speak to our Care Coordinator who will help find the best fit for you.