Childhood is calling.

Help get your kid back to being a kid.

Individual Therapy for Children

Increase understanding, get resources & strategies, and build a secure foundation for growth.

  • Do you feel like you’re at the end of your rope with your child?
  • Feel like you have tried everything you know to try?
  • Do you often worry your child’s reactions are not developmentally appropriate?
  • Are you struggling to move forward with an autism spectrum diagnosis?
  • Are you and your child having difficulty connecting?
  • Does your child act out at school?
  • Does your child struggle to get along with friends, family members or authority figures?
  • Is your child struggling with the transition of your divorce or remarriage?
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At Mathews Counseling, we believe in you, your child, and your family. Your child is the most important part of life and we want to help give them the stress-free childhood they deserve. We know how scary it can be when something feels “off” with your child, and you’ve tried everything you can to make it right. It can leave you feeling helpless and alone, watching as more and more of their childhood is stolen from them.

We are parents and former teachers and caregivers, and have spent hundreds of hours working with kids just like yours. We partner with you to help you understand what is happening with your child and collaboratively build tools and resources to get your kid back to just being a kid. We make sure your child’s therapist is the absolute best fit for them and works with you to create an atmosphere of trust and care. We promise to treat your child like our very own, with you there every step of the way.

We believe therapy should be crafted and tailored to suit your child’s strengths and personality. We respect the uniqueness of each child and work to create a space where they feel free to be themselves.

We offer a risk-free initial session to help determine which of our highly trained child therapists is the best fit for you and your child. If you are not 100% satisfied after the initial session, you pay nothing. We want to ensure the best fit even if it means helping you find a therapist outside of our practice.

Once we ensure a good fit, your therapist will then work with you to craft a tailored treatment plan for your child, clearly laying out the path forward. Every session moves you one step closer to healing and wholeness.

Every child deserves a safe and secure childhood. We help you ensure they get it.

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Rediscover hope for your child. Learn how we can help you find solutions and strategies, rebuild relationships, and move forward together.

  • After seeing several counselors elsewhere, this was the first time I felt genuinely heard and understood. My therapist's approach challenged me while uplifting me. He regularly affirmed me and all the places that I most hated myself, and has genuinely challenged me to hold a better view of myself than I ever have.

  • I loved my experience at Mathews Counseling.

  • Everything about therapy at Mathews Counseling has been different. The approach, openness, honesty. Not pushing solutions or prescribing anything has been very different from other places.

  • I was hesitant at first because there is such a stigma about mental health and going to a therapist. Once I began sessions with my therapist at Mathews Counseling, however, that feeling quickly went away.

  • It feels great to have someone to listen, to hash things out with and to give feedback or be a sounding board on where I was and where I was headed. I'm as whole and authentic as I've ever been in life.

  • You guys are awesome. I shopped around for therapy for some time and I am SO GLAD I ended up with y'all even though you aren't the closest. Your practice is great. Please keep the free coffee. I will leave if you do not have free coffee.

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Customized Treatment Plan

Collaborate with your child’s therapist to get personalized goals and uniquely designed strategies.


Our Multi-Session Packages offer affordable alternatives to get the most from your therapy investment.

Childhood is precious. We work with you to keep it that way.

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