Over 10 years ago, I was a college student working at a summer camp, interacting with kids, teenagers, and adults from all walks of life. While the job itself was great (lots of time outside, leading games and activities, swimming in the lake, there was a lot to love about it!), it was the conversations with the campers and staff members that remained with me. It was there that I learned I loved hearing about people’s stories and where they came from, and it was through hearing those stories that I realized I had a specific burden for the hurting, and a desire to help those I came in contact with know that they were worthy of love and care.

I now have the opportunity to hear people’s stories and help them navigate their lives through my work as a therapist. I’m so grateful that this realization I had 10 years ago at a summer camp (I call it my “lightbulb moment”) has led me to a profession that utilizes those same skills of listening and asking questions and fulfills a desire to help people in some of their most challenging seasons. I counsel people from the perspective that every individual who steps into the room has inherent dignity and is worth unique attention and care, depending on their specific needs.

Not only have I had the privilege of being a therapist and walking alongside my clients, I have also been “on the other side of the chair” as a client myself! I have firsthand experience of the benefits of therapy. Over the past few years through different times of my life, it has been so helpful to have a dedicated space and time to process through my thoughts and emotions with a trustworthy and informed therapist. It’s my hope that I can be as helpful and encouraging to my clients as my past counselors have been to me.

By: Laura Bradshaw, LMFTA

Laura Bradshaw is a LMFTA at Mathews Counseling. She currently taking new clients but space is limited. Request your appointment today!

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