The question of “Why therapy?” is one I encounter frequently, and it necessitates a response that goes beyond the typical “I like to help people” refrain. While that sentiment is true, numerous professions allow for such assistance. So, why choose therapy? I firmly believe in the inherent value of each individual, irrespective of their background, experiences, or choices up to this point. Despite our differences, the common thread is the pursuit of a happy and fulfilling life—a journey that is undeniably beautiful, albeit at times daunting.

The catalyst for my journey into the field of mental health stemmed from pondering what happens when obstacles impede this pursuit. What occurs on those days when getting out of bed seems insurmountable, let alone finding joy in life? This question led me to explore various facets of the mental health profession, ultimately leading me to the realm of therapy. Just envision a profession where you are expressly trained to help guide others on their path toward a content and enjoyable future. The thought of contributing to this journey is nothing short of exhilarating.

Embarking on this career has been profoundly meaningful for me. Every morning, I wake up knowing that I play a small but significant role in aiding someone on their quest for happiness. To be entrusted, to extend compassion, and to empower individuals with the tools they need—while recognizing the inherent capabilities within themselves—is, in my opinion, the epitome of fulfillment and reward.

You may wonder, why choose me for therapy when there are countless other options available? The answer is deceptively simple: genuine care. Engaging in therapy with me is distinct because I genuinely care about each person’s well-being. The idea of compensating someone to listen may lead you to question whether they truly care, whether they think about you between sessions. The assurance I offer is an emphatic yes—I do care. Assisting you on your journey is not just a job for me; it is the most fulfilling endeavor I have ever undertaken.

Choosing me for therapy is an investment in your well-being that goes beyond scheduled sessions. It’s a commitment to a collaborative journey where you’re not just a client, but an individual with unique strengths and aspirations. I’m dedicated to your success, offering unwavering support in navigating challenges, celebrating victories, and creating a safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings freely.

In our therapeutic partnership, your goals become my goals, and your triumphs bring a profound sense of accomplishment. By choosing me as your therapist, you’re opting for a guide who genuinely cares, supports, and believes in your potential to thrive. Together, we’ll uncover the layers of your experiences, paving the way for meaningful change and aligning your life with your values and aspirations. Your journey to happiness is significant, and I’m here to walk alongside you every step of the way.

By: Beckett West, LCSWA

Beckett West is a LCSWA at Mathews Counseling. He currently taking new clients but space is limited. Request your appointment today!

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