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Encouraging Someone To Seek Help via Psychology Today

Some of us are good at asking for help when we need it, while others of us struggle to accept assistance in life. Known as the help-seeking theory, the author of this article uses it to explain why some people are resistant to therapy as they go through hard times. When you want to help your loved one who is going through a rough patch, but is not open to seeking professional help, this article offers some perspective to help you understand their feelings. On top of that, learn the best ways to encourage your friend to get the help they deserve, without overstepping their boundaries.

Therapy Can Help Even Those Who Did Not Benefit Before via Psychology Today

Do you know someone who has tried psychotherapy and walked away from it without recovery? Or maybe you went through it yourself, and wonder why it works for others, and not for you. In the mental health world, these people are referred to as nonresponders. Self-blame can creep up when treatment doesn’t work out, but the truth is that everyone has to experiment before finding the right mix of therapy and medication. Instead of getting discouraged, try again and remember that there is no “one size fits all” for mental health.

Therapy Is Not Just For The Middle Class via Psychology Today

Rich people don’t need therapy. Poor people can’t afford therapy. These are myths that perpetuate the stereotype that only the middle class goes to or needs therapy. This author draws on their time as a psychotherapist and finds similarities in the human condition, showing we all could use some therapy. For example, in his work, he has seen the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor struggle with intimacy and trust issues. No matter how much or how little you have financially, our emotional and mental wellbeing still needs to be taken care of.

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