It has been nearly a week since the #BlackOutTuesday social media moment and at Mathew’s Counseling we want to continue to highlight Black voices and businesses, more specifically within the mental health profession. So this week, we have compiled a list of just some of the accounts and organizations created by Black doctors and professionals that center around mental health and wellness. Too often the stigma surrounding mental health issues and therapy prevent people within the Black community from seeing a therapist. These organizations, along with countless others, help try to break that stigma and make it known that it is okay to seek health and treatment. Below you will find links for both men and women- use these resources for yourself, send  your friends and family or anyone else you think they may help. During this time we want to be an ally, a friend, and an advocate to this movement.

Resources for Women

Therapy for Black Girls, based out of Atlanta, Georgia was created by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford. Her content specializes in mental health issues relevant to Black women and girls. Doctor Bradford says her space was developed to present mental health topics in a way that feels more accessible and relevant for her users. In addition to practicing therapy, running a resourceful Instagram account (@therapyforblackgirls), she also hosts a Podcast that  encourages mental wellness and post links that help users find therapists in their specific area. 

Sista Afya is a low-cost community wellness service that is centered around black women in Chicago. Their belief is that Black women can sustain mental wellness through connecting to resources and supporting one another. They offer mental wellness education through workshops and professional development, resource connection through large events that bring service providers and communities together, community support through individual/group therapy, support groups and holistic healing, and mental-health merchandise (wellness themed coloring books and  journals). They are a great resource!

Ethel’s Club is a Brooklyn-based social and wellness destination providing healing spaces specifically for people of color. A community designed for intention, healing, and creation- they see their members as unique individuals that deserve care, celebration, and healing. Right now they are hosting free virtual gatherings and healing sessions for the Black community.

Created in 2019, Dive In Well  was started when over 100 leaders and influencers in the wellness community got together with a mission of working towards a more inclusive industry. Wanting to create meaningful opportunities for change-makers to facilitate on and offline conversations as a catalyst for change and accessibility. They provide resources and tools to empower both consumers and participants who believe in soul-centered wellness so everyone involved may be well.

Black Mental Wellness’ mission is to provide access to evidence-based information and resources about mental health and behavioral health topics from a Black perspective. In order to highlight and increase the diversity of mental health professionals, and to decrease the mental health stigma in the Black community. On their page you can find resources regarding mental health facts and information sheets, coping and wellness podcasts, videos, apps, and strategies as well as training and research.

Resources for Men

Black Men Feel was established to create a safe space for black men to be vulnerable, heal, and develop positive mental health practices. They host meetings, Podcasts, a Youtube series and even Spotify playlists for their users. 

Black Male Mental Health uses their Instagram account and their digital media platform to bring light to the perspectives, stories, truths, disparities, resources and triumphs of black men’s experiences with mental health. 

Founded in 2016, on a recognized need to equip marginalized men of color with mental health strategies and coping skills to help them move past their pain. The Confession Project exists to decrease suicide numbers, which is the leading cause of death in the African American community alone, their vision is to create a world without stigma and shame. 

Hosted by sex specialist Supaman and cultural blogger Ronald Matters, the Podcast, Here for It, discusses LGBT health and wellness for men all while adding a little extra spunk to it. They also have a great Instagram that posts when they have new episodes and will occasionally go Live for followers to chat with them and ask questions. 

Committed to promoting growth and healing of their communities through their platform. Melanin and Mental Health offer free resources for their community and clinicians, promote and advocate for culturally competent clinicians, and regularly schedule events to stay connected  to minority communities and keep clinicians in contact. They host a great Podcast and have a great Instagram as well that they post their content to so followers can stay in the loop. 


Your mental health and wellness is so important. And it requires attention. And we know that sometimes it can hard to give it the attention it needs. But here at Mathews Counseling we are here to help you do just that. 

At Mathews Counseling, all of our therapists are highly qualified with a minimum of a Master’s degree in a mental health field, licensed by a state board, and experienced in the areas listed on their bios. We are sure there are a number of other questions you may have with regards to starting therapy and we are happy to answer any of them. 







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