A little over six months and sadly COVID-19 is still going strong – and with these six months of having to stay inside and work from home, your mental health has possibly begun to suffer. And with this peak in eroding mental health in reaction to the life-altering restrictions imposed by lockdowns, we wanted to help you by providing some links below that provide different resources that are sure to help you during your extended stay at home. 


The CDC has posted numerous resources and links that all give great tips on how to handle the stress and mental strain staying home can bring. Providing ways to cope with stress in a healthy way that will not only help you in the long run, but will also make a positive impact on the people you care about. Discussing how important it is to maintain your mental health at a time like this while also making sure you are taking care of your body. This is a great resource! 

Help Guide goes into detail about how COVID-19 can affect depression, covering almost all of the hard to discuss topics that you or a loved one may be currently going through. They offer a multitude of options to help you cope with the depression during this extra time at home. Offering new ways to change your focus onto other things, by engaging with others virtually, or adding healthy new habits that are sure to help boost your mood. Help Guide has a variety of strategies that are sure to help you survive the pandemic and that you can carry into life after the pandemic. 

The Mayo Clinic has also come out with an article that gives helpful tips on taking care of not only yourself but your mental health. Discussing different self-care strategies as well as pointers for taking care of your mind, we recommend that everyone could benefit from reading this article. These are tips that you can also take with you once the pandemic ends. 

Therapy Options

In addition to these resources we also encourage therapy. Having someone you and your family can talk to during this time of great stress can really make a difference. Here at Mathews Counseling we are here to help  you through this time!

At Mathews Counseling, all of our therapists are highly qualified with a minimum of a Master’s degree in a mental health field, licensed by a state board, and experienced in the areas listed on their bios. We are sure there are a number of other questions you may have with regards to starting therapy and we are happy to answer any of them. 






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