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Parents and Valentine’s Day via Psychology Today

When you have been together for a long time, and have made little humans together, Valentine’s Day can fall on your priority list. Between taking care of you children, maintaining your career and finding time for yourself, who has time for elaborate expressions of love? This article demonstrates how your kids can shift your perspective on Valentine’s Day to make it a family holiday everyone can enjoy. Sometimes, bonding with your family is all the love you need.

Why So Cynical About Valentine’s Day? via Psychology Today

For the single people of the world, Valentine’s Day can be much more dreadful than exciting. Who likes to be surrounded by romance without getting any yourself? As a single man himself, the author of this article gets it, but he reminds us of what we miss out on when we resort to cynicism on this holiday. Don’t partake in the hype if you don’t want to, but at least love on yourself in the process. True romance may not be chocolates and roses, but a dedication to what you care about.

4 Ways to Boost Gratitude on Valentine’s Day via Psychology Today

Is Valentine’s Day actually your jam? Amp up the holiday even more by practicing gratitude on top of all the passion and romance. Whether you are single or in a relationship, you can use these tips to love even harder. Focus on being thankful for what you have!

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