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Broken Family Ties and How to Cope With Estrangement via Psychology Today

If you are estranged with your family, or are weighing the decision to, check out this article. Breaking down the facts about estrangement, it helps you better understand and cope with these difficult situations. Why does it happen? How long does estrangement last? Even if you haven’t been through it, preventing broken ties starts with knowledge about it.

How Do You Find the Right Therapist for You? via Psychology Today

It’s the essential question of starting therapy — How do you find the perfect fit? We know it is essential to productive therapy to have the right therapist. Figuring out who it’s going to be takes some work on your part, starting with thinking about your own goals for therapy. You cannot find someone to support you in this process without first knowing what you need support with. Know what is important to you, do your research — You can start with this article!

The Biggest Problem with Anxiety via Psychology Today

Anxiety is what keeps us wanting to be in control. Sifting through the endless possibilities of what could go wrong, it takes over our daily thoughts. It is horrible to be trapped by your own mind, but the longterm effects of letting your anxiety control you are even greater than day-to-day stressors. A life of anxiety keeps you from going for that risky new job or dating the special person. Find the motivation to get past it and allow yourself to reach the heights you deserve.

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