The Power of Journaling

By: Jonathan Bell There is a good chance that when you saw the title of this article, you may have had a visceral image pop into your head of a Downton Abbey-esque character sitting in their [...]

Understanding Autistic Burnout

By: Kenzie Davis M.A. LMFTA April is the time when a beloved community gets recognition and acknowledgment for their lifestyle and uniqueness. It’s World Autism Month!  When we think of Autism [...]

The Intelligence of Anxiety

By Olivia Vallecillo MA, LCMHCA, NCC A gnawing feeling that something is wrong, but you cannot honestly say what it is. A feeling that you have been under “stress” for most of your adult life. A [...]

The Benefits of Meditative Breathing

By: Alan Nahle What is breathing? Most people know breathing as the basic physiological function of inhaling and exhaling through your nose and mouth to exchange carbon dioxide with oxygen in [...]