Sex During Pregnancy

By: Marcelina Grynechko, LMFTA If you catch yourself feeling puzzled and thinking: ‘why does my partner seem to be reluctant to engage in sex with me when I am pregnant, you are not alone!  There [...]

Stoicism and Mental Health

By: Alan Nahle For most people, life presents a wide array of experiences that can sometimes leave us without a sense of control. During trying times, it can be difficult to focus on the things [...]

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

By: Kenzie Davis, LMFTA TW: This post discusses Domestic Violence Human existence is to love and be loved. We strive for this in all relationships we are a part of with our kids, parents, [...]

Why Mental Health

By: Elizabeth Pugliese, LCMHCA, LCASA In 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) created World Mental Health Day. But when there are so many challenging events globally that are hard to keep [...]

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

By: Kenzie Davis, LMFTA Wow! This year is flying by! In this last quarter of the year, life sometimes can be more hectic. It is more important now than ever to have tools and techniques to [...]

Grief and Life After Loss

By: Emily Kouba We clinically define grief as “an intense emotional experience triggered by a loss”. That’s technically true, but I think most people who have experienced grief would say it’s a [...]