Find your strong again.

100% Risk Free Initial Session

We offer a 100% RISK-FREE initial session with one of our qualified Care Coordinators to help determine which one of our highly trained therapists is the best fit for you. Individuals receive a 60-minute session and Couples receive a 90-minute session focused on understanding your needs and finding the right therapist for you. If you are not 100% satisfied, you pay nothing.

Learn how we can help you rediscover hope and help you to find the strength to face your challenges.

  • I can say with certainty that Dr. Mathews was instrumental in my wife and I getting our marriage back on solid footing. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Mathews to anyone dealing with serious relationship problems or simply in need of someone to talk to.

  • Our time with Dr. Mathews was invaluable in helping us being able to communicate more effectively and honestly. After almost 30 years of a happy marriage, we didn't realize just how much richer our relationship could be. The strategies we learned have strengthened us both as a couple and individually. We are so thankful we found Dr. Mathews.

  • Alongside my husband's and I's commitment to one another to improve our marriage was also Dr. Mathews' commitment to see us through our journey. He was always available and welcoming to us as well as provided a safe and neutral ground to reveal and discuss our issues. I feel our sessions were highly effective and greatly benefitted our marriage. I now consider my marriage to be a successful and happy one!

  • My husband and I are very grateful for the counseling services of Dr. Mathews. While some of our marital issues were able to be resolved with basic couples counseling, others required more deeper and intensive therapy. Dr. Mathews proved to have a wide range of invaluable methodologies to address our marital discord.

  • Having previously attempted to work through some issues with another psychologist, I was hesitant to give it another go. Dr. Mathews, however completely changed my mind about counseling in general. He helped my wife and I work through seriously, deeply-rooted marital issues.

Online Portal

Access to online portal with online scheduling, bill pay, & access to documents.


Risk Free Initial Assessment

1st session with a Care Coordinator to ensure the best fit with your therapist.


Customized Treatment Plan

Personalized goals and strategies designed around you.


Therapy should not be a “one size fits all” solution. It must be designed around your unique strengths and based on your specific goals.


At Mathews Counseling, we believe in you. We believe therapy should be designed around who you are and utilize your unique strengths and personality.

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Others believe in “one size fits all” therapy. We believe therapy should be crafted and tailored to suit who you are. We work alongside you to understand where you want to be and collaboratively find ways to get you there. More than just talking about problems, we offer practical solutions to help get you moving.We all need help sometimes and therapy can be a useful tool. We believe therapy is the most helpful when your relationship with your therapist is strong. We offer a risk-free initial session to help determine which of our highly trained therapists is the best fit for you. If you are not 100% satisfied after the initial session, you pay nothing. We want to ensure the best fit for you even if it means helping you find one outside of our practice.Once we ensure a good fit, your therapist will then craft a tailored treatment plan, clearly laying out the path from where you are to where you want to be. Along the way, you will discover resources you need and learn the tools you need to keep going. Every session moves you a step closer to health and healing. Our hope is you leave each session feeling courageous and ready to take the next step.

The decision to come to therapy can be a scary one. But it is also the bravest decision.

You are not alone. You have what it takes. Let’s find your strength. Together.


Located near downtown Cary, NC in a comfortable, safe office space.


Live video therapy using a safe and secure application.

Start the school year off right! All STUDENTS receive 50% off their 1st session during the month of August. New clients only.